Alex Poythress worked out for the Clippers today

Alex Poythress worked out for the Clippers today

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[caption id="attachment_201352" align="alignnone" width="595"]IG: lawmurraythenu IG: lawmurraythenu[/caption] Alex Poythress is on the fringe of most NBA Mock Drafts, but he's doing everything he can to make sure his name is called Thursday night. Today, Alex is in Los Angeles to work out for the Clippers, who have the 25th and 33rd picks in Thursday's Draft. This morning, he was part of a group workout with Alabama’s Retin Obasohan, Miami’s Sheldon McClellan, Maryland’s Jake Layman, Villanova’s Daniel Ochefu and UNLV’s Stephen Zimmerman. Last week, Alex worked out for the Indiana Pacers (picks 20 & 50) and the Dallas Mavericks (pick 46), and has a workout scheduled with the Boston Celtics (picks 3, 16, 23, 31, 35, 45, 51, 58) this week. You got this, Alex.

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