Alexander Graham Bell's Saturday Night Post

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    To commemorate this horrible Saturday of UK hoops, let's pay homage to the inventor of the telephone - Alexander Graham Bell would have turned 166 this Sunday. Bell was quite the inventor and man-of-many-hats during his time, including being one of the founders of a person favorite of mine National Geographic Society. However, some would call Bell by a different title - thief. Those familiar with the Elisha Gray vs. Alexander Graham Bell controversy will recall that some claim that Bell stole the telephone, his most famous 'invention', from Gray. Speaking of steals - Arkansas' Mardracus Wade racked up 4 steals and Coty Clarke nabbed 3 steals tonight versus Kentucky. Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 8.17.09 PM - Well, that sucked. Arkansas beat Kentucky 73-60 tonight in Fayetteville. Check out Drew's in-depth recap of the disappointing evening. - After the loss, Lunardi now has the Cats back OUT of his latest Bracketology. However, despite the Ole Miss loss today, he has them in. Hmmm... - 11 of the 12 teams in Lunardi's "First Four Out," "Last Four In" and "Next Four Out" were all in action today. Of the 11 teams that played, 7 came away with a loss. The bubble picture hasn't cleared up much this week, but perhaps the good news is that other teams in similar positions to Kentucky have been losing as well. - All hope is not lost for securing a semi-easy route in the SEC tournament. Andrew McCarthy pointed out that, thanks to that Ole Miss loss today, Kentucky can secure the double-bye in the SEC tournament if they beat Georgia this week. March 13-17 should be a raucous time in Nashville, and here's to hoping the Cats show their best down there. - This guy was the hero of the night, providing laughs for all. Whoever guesses what's inside this man's front pocket wins a prize from Drew. (hint: the prize is a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco.) Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 8.43.47 PM   - The loss was filled with depressing stats, one of which was a season low 5 assists. In fact, the 5 assists were the lowest of the Calipari era at Kentucky. #ShellFish? - Kentucky once again failed to show the same "fight" on the road as they have shown recently at home. Kentucky has been able to overcome runs by the opponent when in the safety net of Rupp Arena, but when teams go on big runs on the road, Kentucky seems to back down from the challenge. "They never turned on the fight, and that disappointed me," said John Calipari after the game.  - Even after the poor showing and lack of fight today, Calipari still feels confident that his team is capable of making a run... "if they put it together." Time is running out with only 2 games remaining before one final chance to make a run in the SEC tournament. - Archie Goodwin made an interesting post-game comment about how he thought UK had "jumped that wall and would be able to run through the rest of these teams." The 3-game winning streak (all at home) was nice, but was that really cause for feeling that UK could run through the rest of the opponents on the schedule? - After Wednesday night, were you thinking to yourself: How could Mississippi State beat anyone? Me too. Yet somehow Ole Miss managed to lose to Mississippi State today. Kentucky might have a love/hate relationship with Ole Miss after the Rebels' play in the last few weeks. When Ole Miss performs poorly, one of Kentucky's few one time "quality wins" loses value. When Ole Miss performs well, they potentially move into Kentucky's slot for a spot in the field of 68. I'm not sure what we want Ole Miss to do at this point. - Ryan Kelly returned back for the Duke Blue Devils tonight, who beat Miami in a close game. You'll remember that last time Duke played Miami, they were absolutely crushed by the Hurricanes. That was a fun night to post And tonight is the opposite of that. - Julius Randle won a state championship tonight. In doing so, he dropped 34 points, 20 rebounds, and 6 steals. The kid is a pure hoss and we'd love to add him to the 2013 recruiting class. Come down, Julius. Alright, kids. I am semi depressed about the game. Lets all go to sleep and wake up tomorrow to a new day where UK basketball doesn't lose in SEC play. See you then.

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