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wakeladies Its time to get in Wake Forest mode. The team that we didnt think we would play, now stands between UK and the Sweet 16. Early on today, the better team has won the games (yes I include St Marys, which showed itself to be better than Villanova over this two-day run). Wake Forest is talented, UK is better. The Cats should prevail. Start holding your breath now. A couple of pre-game notes: --- I know its halftime and I am sure Kansas will come back. But how about my man Ali for Northern Iowa! Tomlin, Drew and I are pulling for Northern Iowa with all we have and watching Ali drain threes in the first half has been amazing. If he wins, he becomes another media star of the week, but your boys from KSR picked him out on a snowy Friday night back in February. --- The Vols looked good and I am glad for the SEC that they moved on. BUT, UT fans shouldnt crow too loudly. San Diego State and Ohio isnt exactly murderer's row. Beat Ohio State next round and then we will talk. --- Great run by the Murray State Racers. Besides the last play (which looked like something Clyde would have drawn up), it was quite the run this weekend. Great showing by the OVC boys. Remember today, the key is in the play of Patterson and Bledsoe. Wake Forest is one of the few teams we have played that can defend pretty well at the two strongest UK positions and Wall/Cousins will find some tough sledding. But they have nothing for Patterson or Bledsoe. They play well....Cats win. Its that simple.

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