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All Eyes on Davis

Matthew Haysover 9 years


Article written by:Matthew HaysMatthew Hays
After the first ping pong ball drops in the NBA Draft Lottery, we'll know the new home of Anthony Davis, but could we expect any other top players currently in the NBA to make their way to that location too? The newest trend in the NBA is to hitch your wagon to as many stars as possible. It's the AAU model, it's the Coach Cal model, it's whatever. As some teams pull away from the rest of the pack by stockpiling superstars seeking validation through championships, the teams without the big name players are looking to garner them as quickly as they can. It makes you think, will the landing place of Anthony Davis become the new hot spot for talented veterans looking to play for a contender? Already Davis is being projected as an NBA ready force who will make a huge defensive impact right away. Add that to the possibility of him joining forces with the league's best players in London this summer and we could see a lot of interest in joining the brow in whatever location he will shortly find himself in. While this won't be the banner year for free agents that we've seen in the past, guys like Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Ray Allen and Eric Gordon could find themselves looking for a new team next season. It will all be determined on June 30th, but you have to wonder if the Davis landing place will play a part in any of those decisions. The prediction is that regardless of where he lands or who is on his team, Davis will find success. We can only hope that ends up being the case and that he doesn't end up in Charlotte. I've got my fingers crossed for the Wizards.

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