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Mattoxabout 14 years


Article written by:MattoxMattox
Louisville Win Un-undefeated So much for the mythical national championship this season. Despite the fact that we lost the football game, there was absolutely no evidence offered up to dispute my declaration last week that the South Carolina online fan base is primarily composed of two main ingredients: Vinegar & Water. The game sucked. Basically that's been beaten worse than Rodney King/Reginald Denny at this point. Lesson: Turnovers bad. Next... Or Maybe Not Next is LSU. You may remember them from their starring roles in such gut-wrenching losses as 2006's Whipping Our Ass 49-0 or the critically acclaimed thriller Bluegrass Miracle. Yeah. These assholes are good. I'm usually rather optimistic, but even the biggest homer/blue-blinded/glass is over flowing idiot knows winning this game is a monumental task. In fact, if they play their A game we lose. Seriously. Even 60 minutes of mistake-free football from the Cats cannot overcome LSU's best game. Our best shot is an emotional letdown following the Florida win and an outright sluggish start from the Tigers. So in review we need mistake free football for 60 minutes, a let down from LSU, and a quick start. Not gonna happen. When there are that many things that have to fall into place, you're probably not going to win the game. I think we keep it respectable, but ultimately fall short. My prediction: Cats 17 LSU 31. The Louisville Football Juggernaut The empirical dynasty paper tiger down I-64 West has become quite the sidebar to our own successful season here in Lexington. A lot of the blame has been placed at the feet of new head coach Steve Kragthorpe. It has been pointed out numerous times that Kragthorpe inherited an 11-1 Big East Championship program coming off an Orange Bowl win when he took the reigns. Yeah that's all true, but look a little closer. He also inherited several coaches he did not hire and a locker room chocked full of guys with character issues. It doesn't take Mr. Wizard to figure out that's a recipe for team chemistry issues and locker room dissension. As much as Kragthorpe was set up to succeed, there were also plenty of land mines lurking out there for him as well. They should give the guy a few years to succeed. Let him hire his own damn staff, recruit his own players, and see what happens. If he's successful, then I hope he quickly moves on to bigger and better things. If he fails, maybe they will keep him on for many more years as a show of loyalty for being such good friends with the athletic director. Big Blue Madness Do you know what makes Big Blue Madness great? It's not the terrible kids' games they have to pass the time. It's certainly not the fact that we get to hear about our wonderful sponsors over and over. Not UK Hoops either. Hell, it isn't even the fact that the team is there and practicing. The thing that makes Big Blue Madness great is the fact that no one else in college basketball can pull off the ridiculous spectacle that is Big Blue Madness. It's one giant ass, over-hyped over-produced reminder to everyone else that dots the college basketball landscape that regardless of who the current champion is, how our year turned out last season, or even who the current media darling is, we're Kentucky and you're not. You can't do this. We can. You don't have to put restrictions on when your fans can start camping out for free tickets to a practice. You can't get 23,000 asses in seats for a game. We have to turn away thousands more than that for a practice. Puff out your chest Wildcat fan. Hold your head up high. Look down thy nose at little brother. Sneer at the Gator Come Latelys. We're Kentucky Basketball and they aren't and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Weather Here's your Game Day Forecast for Storm Team 36 Meteorologist Mary Wasson: Well, we're finally going to have true football weather for the game on Saturday! Expect plenty of sunshine with high temperatures in the low to mid 60s. So you may need a jacket early in the morning and afternoon during your tailgate and then again as the game continues through the evening. Temperatures will cool off into the low to mid 50s after the sun goes down. Be sure to come out and cheer on those CATS!!!! Picture Oh yeah, the picture is from the Louisville win. It really has nothing to do with anything else in the blog. I just posted it because I could. Besides, who wouldn't rather think about that game then last week's.

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