Allen Iverson Mentioned In Trade Talks With Enes Kanter

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Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Because the last time Iverson played international ball went so well…

In what must have happened after witnessing the huge success of fellow unretirable Brett Farve, Allen Iverson has decided he wants to keep playing basketball. As long as he gets paid, and you know, doesn’t have to practice.  Unfortunately for him, all of the teams in the league are onto him after he signed with Memphis and then Philly, to only play three and twenty five games respectively.  So it’s unlikely he finds a home in the states (unless the Heat decide to sign him, too.)

So instead, he’s looking to take his talents to Turkey.

In what can only be assumed is a last ditch effort from the former Hoya to get Enes Kanter elligible, Iverson appears to be working out while packing his bags.  Reprtedly, the only hangup on the issue is a debate over a ‘limit on how much the team can fine (Iverson,)’ which seems like one of the weirdest contract agreements ever, unless you actually think he isn’t intending on making too many practices.

I only hope Iverson knows how difficult it will be for him to play for Kentucky next season if he signs with this team.

Anyways, I like this development.  Turkey, send your Kanter’s over here, we will work with them, get them some star power, and send them back when they are old and can’t compete in the NBA anymore.  Even old and a step slow will get your arenas full.

Free Enes.

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