Amateurism is done. Everyone can shut up about it now.

Drew Franklinover 1 year


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Amateurism is done. Everyone can shut up about it now. The unathletic people in the athletic departments, power conferences and NCAA offices have made enough money. You did it, suits. Congratulations. What a run. Your system was making bank for decades and the fans fell for it. We all bought in, even though it never really made sense in the first place. Why can't they make money on their own name and likeness again? Because they take classes? What does that even mean? BuT tHeY gEt fReE ScHoOl aNd FrEe RoOm aNd BoArd! Shut up. They should already get free school and free room and board because the program and the players before them literally built those buildings. They bought a shitload of boats and vacation homes for people with zero career minutes played, too. It's time we stop pretending there is some sanctity of college athletics to protect. That went out the window when the NCAA Tournament started bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Now we're watching the system beg for its unpaid talent (its ONLY unpaid talent) to save everything. We have the media companies and universities on their knees begging for a way to get at least 22 student-athletes on a field to roll around chasing a ball, but it is too dangerous for students who can't run, jump or read a blitz. But I thought they were just regular student-athletes, like everyone else their age on campus? Why not ask the freshman forestry class to come back and save everything? Can the art school not do it? Surely the science students can come back and keep the university afloat. After all, they're scientists. No? Oh wait... you need the athletes and ONLY the athletes. How ironic. Football players and basketball players just wanted a little slice of the pie (and it was a huge pie) before, but you couldn't share. Now you need them for your budgets (and in some cases, your boat). What a turn of events. This is quite a plot twist we're witnessing. A "Look at me, I'm the captain now" situation. Everything rides on getting the amateurs to amateur again for the fans' entertainment before the well runs dry. There's a virus trying to take down the world, and to save these athletic departments nationwide, administrators are going to ask the ones without money to make the money. So who should be getting paid here?

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