American Idol --- Your Summer Review

Matt Jones08/08/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
If you are like me, you miss American Idol. Whether it was Ruben, Clay, Kelly, Bo or Taylor, American Idol gives us memories that can last us a lifetime. But then there are also the bad people. We all have our it poster boy John Stevens, Chicken Little, the fat guy who Simon hated or Kellie Pickler, the singers that are bad last a lifetime. Thus this site has produced a list of the Worst American Idol Performances Ever. It is a great list. Kellie Pickler and her Cala-MAR-i is on the list twice. Just reading it brought back memories of all the bad people of years gone past and made me wonder, "where are these people now?" My guess is that they all will be a Redmons in Lexington some night opening for Larry Redmon before he begins his endless loop of a set that makes the bar loud and uninhabitable (but I digress). The top choice had to be easy (John Stevens doing Crocodile Rock will go in the Hall of Fame of bad), but the other picks were also inspired. Enjoy.....

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