An Announcement and a Request for Help

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
This week is a big one for us here at Kentucky Sports Radio. Over the course of the next few weeks, you will see a number of changes on here, ranging from site design to the actual content you will see when you come here everyday. But today we are ready to announce a change in our radio future....beginning this Saturday, we will be doing the Saturday morning show on ESPN Radio, 1570 the Zone (and 1600 AM as well) from 10 AM -12 PM. This is a big move for us and the new show will be hosted by me, Rob Gidel and Ravi Moss, joined by the rest of the regular crew (Tomlin, Intern, Hubby, Turkey Hunter, etc), and will deal with not just UK sports, but all sports in general. The show will have many of the features that it currently has, but will expand and be exactly the type of show we have wanted to do for some time.....with lots of features that you havent yet heard on sports radio in Kentucky. The new timeslot means that we can be heard by all within 60 miles of Louisville (taking away the restrictions that occur on power at night) and will be the prelude to some more changes in the future. By the end of February, this show will stream live on the internet, available through this site, and can thus be heard all over this wonderful planet of ours. So what does all this mean for Kentucky Sports Radio? Well we will still be doing it, but just differently. We will begin taping this week, our podcasts after the Saturday show and beginning at the end of February, you can hear this show also streaming live on the internet. Thus two shows, one on general sports which will be available on ESPN radio, and the other traditional UK only show, will be available for all to hear online by the end of next month. In addition, all of the members of Kentucky Sports Radio will be involved in the new ESPN Radio Kentucky website and should (hopefully) be heard more in the Lexington market as well. Now what do we need your help for? This new show, due to its general sports theme, needs a name.....badly. This name may stick with us for some time, even (hint, hint), if the show expands to be on the air quite a bit more often and in more places. Thus this name will have long term impact. Since you guys are the ones who have helped us so far, we are requesting naming help. USe the comments section to provide whatever suggestions you may have. And once again, we thank you for all that you have done in being fans of the site. By March you wont recognize the place, but we hope that all who have grown with us will continue to be a part of the unique stuff we try to do here.

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