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I am not a recruiting expert, and frankly I dont care that much until they put on the UK jersey.  But, I was lucky enough to have a college roommate who is a recruiting expert, and that is's Evan Daniels.  I had a conversation with Evan today about some of UK's Class of 2008 targets.  Keep in mind, Evan only covers high school players, so NO JUCO players (besides Appleton) are included.    Tyrone Appleton Evan's Take: "Been told he is very quick and talented.  Just got an offer from Kansas.  The type of kid that Billy Gillispie is looking for, from a point guard standpoint." Interested Schools: Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa St., Texas Wesley Witherspoon 6'7'' 185 lbs. (Berkmar HS, Georgia) Evan's Take: "Real long, versatile, wing foward, one of the best wings left, ton of upside and really athletic, sometimes struggles to find ways to score, ability to run the floor and handle the ball is really impressive for a guy his size." Interested Schools: Kentucky, Memphis, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, LSU, Kansas St., George Washington, Illinois, Clemson UK's chances: " No clue at this point, really hasn't shown his hand, will probably take his time and will probably make his decision on signing day." Maurice Sutton 6'10'' 180 lbs. (Largo HS, Maryland) Evan's Take: "Only seen him once, but he is probably not a legit target.  Only minor interest right now.  Played in Lexington and UK didn't show much interest then." Schools of Interest: Marquette, Clemson, Miami(FL), Kentucky Shelvin Mack 6'2'' 185 lbs. (Bryan Station HS, Lexington) Evan's Take: "Has committed to Butler, Shelvin's coach has told other people that UK has turned up the heat some.  Strong, knows how to score, held his own against Darius Miller, attacks the basket well, not a great shooter. Now, there are other guys, such as Steve Goins out of Chicago that UK has just begun recruiting.  But, because of this, most recuritng experts like Evan have not seen these guys play yet.  Hopefully, I can update this when I hear more.

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