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An Odd Conversation with Dan Dakich

Matt Jones12/07/11


Article written by:On3 imageMatt Jones
74771865_indiana_v_chattanooga One of the best parts of doing the daily radio show is getting to talk to voices from all over the country. Sometimes those conversations showcase that media members we didn't know previously actually have a great personality and are fascinating...call it the Ian Eagle principle. Then sometimes interviews go in a different direction. Today's interview with former IU player and current radio host Dan Dakich was one of the stranger ones ever. From the get go, he was crazy defensive and sat out on a rambling narrative that was not only hard to follow, it wasn't really responsive to the questions asked. Over the course of the ten minutes, all I could really glean from what he said was: --- He doesn't talk to Indiana fans every day. --- He has emails and letters saying that he is "bitter and angry" --- He doesn't need a "dot com guy, a poll or Vegas" to tell him what he sees --- He doesn't care who wins...make sure you know that. --- It won't be an upset if IU beats UK because Indiana beat Cornell two years ago --- Indiana can "score the ball." --- He is not going to break down this game because that is not what coaches do. Following Dakich was impossible and listening to him get more and more worked up during the interview was slightly uncomfortable. As always, I appreciate him coming on the show and apparently UK fans giving him a hard time provided fodder for his afternoon show in Indianapolis. But still, one has to wonder why, after ten minutes, he was unable to give one reason why it wouldn't be an upset if Indiana beats Kentucky. Webster's defines "upset" as: To defeat unexpectedly (an opponent favored to win). Dan doesn't seem to agree. To hear his thoughts, and the rest of hour 1 of the show, listen below (the interview starts about 21 minutes in). If you would like to subscribe to the KSR podcast (and you really should), click at this link Dan Dakich's Awkward KSR Interview

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