Anatomy of a Za'Sack

Andrew Cassadyabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew CassadyAndrew Cassady


We all knew Za'Darius Smith was going to make an impact on the defensive side of the ball but few could have expected the man to lead the nation in sacks after three games. Smith has made his presence known in all three games so far and was instrumental in getting Bridgewater out of his comfort zone to keep the Cats in the game. But just how does the man who hails from parts unknown keep on getting to quarterbacks? Hit my music and take a look in this weeks breakdown: Anatomy of a Za'Sack. Snap Tie game, 3rd and seven. The mission, get some pressure on Bridgewater so he can't make one of those big throws downfield he has made time and again during his collegiate career. The Cards go four wide for just such a play but Bud Dupree isn't going to allow it as he bursts across the line as soon as the ball is snapped. Struggle Bud makes the Lousiville defender look foolish as you can see and Teddy knows the play is blown as he begins to collapse back into the pocket. Meanwhile Za'Darius begins to struggle with a hapless O-Lineman who will not prevail on this day. Za'Darius must feast!   Win The two headed Defensive End attack is ready to strike. Bud gets a hand on Bridgewater as Za' Darius overpowers his man. Bridgewater is forced to retreat but it is too late. With his man tossed aside like a ragdoll the 254 pound Smith is ready to pounce and that is just what he does. After a short chase Teddy is wrapped up tighter than the stuffed animal that bears the same name opposing players clench after waking from a DE nightmare. Zasack Ladies and gentlemen I present to a Za'Sack in it's native habitat. Look at the form, the glory, and the big stop against a bitter rival. There is hardly a more beautiful sight in all of football. Dupree got the pressure on and Smith finished the job. Only one thing to do now: Zacelebration A big Za'Smile is in order for the Za'celebration. Smith and Dupree have been making great strides after a somewhat disappointing start against WKU. If they can continue to improve then they will be a force to be reckoned with no matter who is lined up on the offensive side of the ball. With both guys only in their junior year we can hope that next season they will still be terrorizing teams while wearing the Blue and White. What is your favorite part of watching Za'Darius go to work?

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