And I Can't Wait To See You Again...

Aritcle written by:The Fake Gimel MartinezThe Fake Gimel Martinez

On an unnamed horse farm somewhere in Fayette County Wednesday morning, two silhouettes in the distance move slowly through the mist...

Billy: Jeannine, I, I just wanted to thank you for rescheduling your flight so I could show you this farm. I really appreciate it, it means a lot to me. Would you like some breakfast?

(Billy hands Jeannine a bottle of Dr. Pepper.)

Jeannine: Thank you. (Takes a drink.) I suppose you want to apologize again? You could have just called me for that instead of taking me out here.

Billy: I know, I know. It just doesn't seem right to me to apologize over the phone again. I mean, I was so... snippy with you. You deserve better than the way I acted.

Jeannine: Billy, I've been in this business a long time. What you've said on-camera is nothing like the sexist and derogatory remarks made to me off-camera. Like I told you last time, its not a big deal.

Billy: I suppose you're right. But there's something else.

(They stop walking through the field. In the distance, a horse snorts, which spooks a clump of ducks from a nearby lake. While Jeannine watches the flock fly into the orange sky, Billy shuffles uncomfortably and watches his feet.)

Jeannine: So, what is it, Billy?

Billy: Well, I, uh, am thinking about getting into, um, ownership.

Jeannine: (Slightly dissapointed.) Oh, really? That's great, Billy. You're going to love it.

Billy: (Finally looks up at her.) Oh its going to be great. And I've got a breeding plan. Thought you might want to hear about it!

Jeannine: Of course!

Note: Horse names removed to protect the innocent (and to keep us from getting sued).

Billy: So what I'm going to do is take [HORSE A], who's at stud here, and breed him with [HORSE B], [HORSE C], and [HORSE D].

Jeannine: Really?

Billy: Yeah, I figure between the three of them, I should have some real winners, don'tyathink?

Jeannine: Winners for Grade 3 Stakes, maybe.

Billy: (Produces one of his "swallowing his agitation" smiles.) Yathink?

Jeannine: Yup. [HORSE A] overperformed his pedigree big time. He's already sired a foal with [HORSE B] which doesn't look much more than a claim racer. [HORSE A]'s sire had all sorts of tendon issues, too. For the price you're paying for all that, you're not going to get good value back.

Billy: So, bad idea?

Jeannine: (Barely able to contain her laughter.) Bad idea? Now THAT's a bad question, Billy!

(They both let loose with laughter.)

Billy: I deserved that, Jeannine. I deserved that. You are such an amazing woman.

Jeannine: (Impersonating Billy's accent.) Yathink?

Billy: I do.

(They stare into each other's eyes.)

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