And It All Falls Down

Will Lentzover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz


In incredibly shocking news, Urban Meyer is stepping down as the coach of the University of Florida.  Citing health reasons, the forty five year old two time national champion is resigning after his team plays in the Sugar bowl.  Fortunately, that other team is just as likely to be distracted after losing a few off of their coaching staff as well.  If Tebow was ever to be Tebow again, his leadership could certainly be used on a Florida team that will certainly not give two sh*ts about their game. 

While it’s not quite the “in twenty years you will remember where you were when you heard this,” as one ESPN analyst just suggested, it is certainly the largest storyline of the post season to date, and will most likely continue through the rest of the bowls.  The big questiong now becomes, who’s next?  Assuming that Tebow isn’t annointed Lord of Florida,  here’s hoping they look Louisville for guidance, either in the form of Charlie Strong (because how priceless would that be,) or the better choice – Steve Kragthorpe.  We’re all pulling for you Steve, just stay by the phone.

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