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Hey. It’s me, Corey. The guy that none of you all like but who all of the writers on this site love. You may remember me from such classics as “Who wants to be a blogger: The Semi-Finals” or “The Longwood Awards”.

Matt told me I was supposed to be in charge of this thing for the afternoon and (and I quote) “post any news that you want.” I’m sure you would all be quite content reading about volleyball post-season honors or doping in chess, but I know what you all really come here for… more Tyler Thompson. Unfortunately she’s not returning my phone calls either Evan, so I’ll just provide you all with these links to all of her old articles.

Contestant #5: Tyler Thompson

Who Wants To Be A Blogger: The Quarters

Who Wants To Be A Blogger: The Semis

Tyler Thompson on Longwood

Oh yeah, that was hot.

But like I said, I’ll be here all afternoon, so check back early and check back often as I bring my opinions on several topics to the table for you guys to hate and for Matt to give me a Pulitzer prize for.

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