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[caption id="attachment_205482" align="aligncenter" width="318"]I'm still really proud of myself for this I'm still really proud of myself for this[/caption] Another year of Calipari's Fantasy Camp Experience has come and gone and just like last year, I'm in awe. Not entirely because of what I get to do and experience, but because of what the participants are experiencing. The participants literally pay my tuition to be UK players for a weekend, and just like Jack said on Friday, boy do they get it. So I've spent the better part of my weekend following, let's be honest, middle-aged men around the Joe Craft Center. Tony Barbee *tried* to coach them to a victory (which didn't happen) and Isaac Humphries and Bam Adebayo acted the part of managers. Now, I can finally decompress the weekend:

Calipari raised over $1 million for charity

The best part about Calipari's camp is that all the proceeds always go to charity, allowing dreams to come true for a worthy cause. The auction alone at last night's banquet raised $300k and then participant fees combined for over $1 million. This doesn't include the proceeds from the softball game tonight and the text-givers, all of those proceeds will go to benefit the flood relief in Baton Rouge.

Marcus Lee came back and that speaks to so many levels

I expected to see Karl Towns and MKG, but when I was standing in the lobby of Joe Craft on Friday morning, the last person I expected to see was Marcus Lee. I always made the assumption that the transfer was amicable, but it was still a shock to me and the rest of the KSR crew when he walked through the front doors. But really, the fact that he came back shows how much Calipari invests and cares about his players and the level of the program. If Calipari didn't care about Lee or blew him off after he decided to transfer, there would be no way that he would come back to Lexington just to hand out water to camp participants.

Bam likes Jimmy Dean sausage?

After Kindsey and I arrived for our games yesterday morning and I finally woke up (9 a.m. on a Saturday morning after the first week of class is a struggle), I noticed that there were two packages of Jimmy Dean pre-cooked sausages sitting beside me on the bench. According to Isaac it was "that fatty Bam's". I guess he's got to get those gains somehow? *Bamboo was an auto-correct typo but I think we could make this a thing.

We're going to be good this year, like really good

While I can't say much about yesterday's scrimmage, I can say this. It. Was. Awesome. While there are still plenty of kinks to work out for a team that just got together at the beginning of the summer, they work really well together on the court. We all know what to expect from Briscoe and Willis and even are fairly familiar with Bam, Fox, and Monk. But I look for good things to come from Wenyen, Isaac, and Sacha Killeya-Jones as well.

Nick Roush could make a run at SportsCenter

Kind of... ProCamps needed some help yesterday running "CatsCenter", the camp's version of SportsCenter and our very own Nick Roush stepped up to the plate and gave it his best. Knowing absolutely nothing about the game that had just happened, he took a quick look at a stats sheet and gave one of the best post-game press conferences the camp had seen all weekend. It's just a start, but maybe KSR could have the next SportsCenter anchor on their hands.

The new KSR interns are really cool

You all have seen some new names floating around the site over the last couple of weeks, and I had the privilege of working with most of them this weekend. Because we are a blog, the KSR crew doesn't get together often so this is the only way that we see each other unless we do it ourselves. We have all followed each other on Twitter for quite some time, but it was awesome to get to meet all of them in person. And let me say this, they're some cool peeps, y'all. So be nice to them when you see them on the site, and give them a follow on the tweeter. Well, that's a wrap on Fantasy Camp 2K16. Peace out until next year✌️

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