And We Have a Winner.....

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Just about 3 months ago, we embarked on a contest.....a contest to determine who would become the newest Blogger. We originally started with 113 contestants, knocked them down to 15, and slowly (some would say VERY slowly) whittled them down to a final two. Last week, those two contestants put together a run for history and we are proud to announce that the winner is Hunter Campbell, the newest KSR Blogger. Hunter is a surprise winner.....he barely made the final 8 (thanks to a pick by Tomlin), squeeked into the Final Four and Final Two (where Tomlin promptly gave up on him) and was considered the longshot underdog against Corey Robertson. But, he put together a great day's worth of posts and beginning on Wednesday, will join us full time on here. As for Corey, well....I dont know what happened. He was great the first few rounds and then had a brain freeze in the finals that made Chris Webber mock him. Corey however is very talented and he, along with a couple of the other contestants, may get nods from us in the near future. But for now, welcome Hunter to the fold, the newest KSR blogger and a good addition to the ranks.

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