Andre Drummond's Las Vegas Photo Album Is Already Awesome

Andre Drummond's Las Vegas Photo Album Is Already Awesome

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
andre-drummond1 Depending on who you talk to, Kentucky may or may not be involved seriously with Andre Drummond, who has been rumored to end up at UConn, the class of 2011, Europe and pretty much everywhere not named Lexington.  Nonetheless, John Calipari was in attendance yesterday at his adidas Super 64 game where Drummond familiarized himself with another poor young man.  The classic "junk in the face" shot.  Some people never respond from that and others end up running Barack Obama's campaign.  There's still hope for you young man. Regardless of how awesome this picture is, where does Drummond rate on your desired targets for 2012?  The class is heavy in talented big guys, so does that make him less important?  Or do you not care?  Do you want to talk about something else to fill our time?  Anyone watching the Military Bowl on ESPNU?  House Crashers?  Oh wait, a new episode of Down Home With The Neelys?  Yes!

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