Andre it is

by:Matt Jones08/29/06
Sometimes there are cliffhangers that truly leave you not hanging off a cliff. Take last summer's "will he or won't he" stories about Brett Favre and the possibility of retirement. Everyone with half a brain knew that Favre was going nowhere and that he would come out gunslinging in Green Bay, all the while leaving John Madden salivating like the Turkey Hunter at a Richard Simmons autograph signing. I had a similar feeling during the whole Quarterback battle for Kentucky this year. While all the coaches insisted that the battle, like the recruiting lists for all high school seniors the day before they commit, was "wide open", I always thought the winner was likely known to all parties. And today we got confirmation as Andre Woodson was named the starting quarterback for the Louisville game. According to Brooks, "Curtis has really improved on all of those things, but this just was a call we felt confident that Andre is managing offense better at this point. Knowing we have a decent running game in place, we need to stretch the field vertically with the passing game if we expect to win." I think Woodson is the better choice and gives the Cats the best chance to win. It is a shame as Curtis is undoubtedly one of the best athletes on the team and needs to be on the field, but ultimately, Andre has the highest degree of overall skill that is necessary to produce the required wins. The number is six folks, and if it is going to happen, Woodson is likely who has to be the leader of the pack.

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