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Let me just say that the guy above is someone that I am not a fan of in the least. When I think of people that are unentertaining and have an amazing ability to grate on my nerves, Andy Dick comes in just above Jay Leno on my list.....only because Andy Dick does not have a nightly talk show. However today of course is the day that we play College of Charleston in a game at Rupp Arena that could be a lot closer than people think going in. And Andy Dick is one of the only famous people I can find who ever attended College of Charleston (though he didnt graduate), so you get Andy Dick on this Tuesday. Now for those of you that havent yet listened, I hope you will take the time to listen to EPISODE 15 with Jay Bilas and Patrick Patterson. For those of you that have listened, it has been interesting to hear people's thoughts. Everyone takes from the Patterson interview what they want to take. I didnt find it overly negative or positive, but simply just an interview. UK is still in it and I think the situation is stagnant for now. As for Jay Bilas, I am happy about that interview because Jay is GREAT and it is clear that he loves UK. Not a whole lot has happened, but a few quick hits..... (1) Tubby announced a new starting lineup for tomorrow night's game. Says that Perry Stevenson will not be in the starting lineup and that there will be some change.....likely a re-entry by Say-hey Sheray. I am not a huge fan of this move, but not for the reasons that you may think. I think Sheray did fine in Maui and is actually playing better this season than last.....however because Tubby likes to do mass substitutions, I like the notion of Perry with the more experienced guys on the first team and Sheray with all the freshmen on the second team. Either way this "new look" lineup, which is a lot like the "old look" lineup, debuts tonight....we shall see what we shall see. (2) More and more whispers that the Music City Bowl is the likely destination for the Cats. The current projections have the Music City getting either Boston College or Clemson (which would be a nice rematch of the 1993 Peach Bowl and the famous Marty Moore fumble) and the Cats either in Nashville or Memphis. If BOTH bowls put UK first, which may be likely, then UK gets to choose which they want to attend. I am hearing that the folks in power want Music City due to the better matchup. We shall see if that turns out to be true, but I am PULLING for Nashville.....much better scene, better game and we get to take over a Nashville bar for the let Mitch Barnhart hear.....NASHVILLE!!!! (3) After the posting of our Patrick Patterson interview today I got a phone call from someone with some connections to the whole Patterson scene. He said he wanted to make sure that I "let the UK fans know that not only are the Cats still in this, they are right there at the top along with another team." He of course wouldnt tell me what that other team is (Florida), but he said that UK continues to have a much better shot than many would let on. Take this (and all) info with a grain of salt, but I think it is likely close to the truth. My best sources on Pat have told me for some time that Florida is the leader, UK second. I would think that is still true, and is one reason that the decision to wait was ultimately good for the Cats (as opposed to the Lucas postponement). An abbreviated version today, but it is late and time to watch David Letterman. Look for more on the College of Charleston game tomorrow (including a game thread for you to chat during the proceedings) and post-game coverage afterwards......and oh yeah, listen to EPISODE 15 so Hubby can feed his many children.....

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