Andy Katz tells the Tubby Story today at 5 PM

Andy Katz tells the Tubby Story today at 5 PM

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katz.bmp Larry Vaught will be on but we're taking lots of coaching talk including the rumors currently circulating that Billy Gillespie is meeting in Lexington this weekend, Randolph Morris is off to the NBA and a potential transfer in the freshman class. Check it out. And props to my man Bomani Jones, who referenced us in an ESPN chat today in which he addressed the issue of race and Tubby's departure: MIchael (Atlanta, GA): Bo, what up? The media can't ignore the elephant in the room with Kentucky forever can they? How much of a part did race play in Tubby never being accepted at UK? Bomani Jones: (1:07 PM ET ) I'm not sure how fairly I can assess that. I figure there are people that would never accept Tubby because he was black. But that would probably happen if Kentucky had nothing but black people. That's just the name of the game in America, and I doubt anyone's naive enough to deny that. However, I was on a call-in show on ESPN Radio in Louisville with my man Matt Jones, and I heard lots of different things people had to say about Tubby. The only universal opinion of those callers was their respect for Tubby and their belief that he was a great ambassador for the state of Kentucky. But let's bottom line this--he made no Final Fours with his own recruits. The folks in Kentucky want Final Fours. Throw in a handful of ten-loss seasons, too. Had that been a white coach, they fans would still have been restless. This isn't to say race was irrelevant. I doubt it was. But Ws and, more importantly, Ls seem to be the biggest complaint I've heard about Smith's tenure in Lexington.

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