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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
amgel.bmp It was a great weekend here at the Kentucky Sports Radio compound as we caught up on some much-needed work and caught the end of the Father's Day tradition, the United States Open. It was another great US Open telecast, with Johnny Miller ripping everyone to shreds as always, random players choking left and right (great performance by Mr. Bad Teeth, Aaron Baddely) and the sight of Tiger Woods in a shirt that would have certainly made Charles Nelson Reilly proud (no matter how hot it was, Tiger's shirt still made it look like a cool breeze was blowing through). In the end however, a late bogey by Jim Furyk and a late nothing by Tiger Woods, gave the tournament to the Argentinian, Angel Cabrera who showcased what happens when you put a foreign golfer with no interest in political correctness at the lead of the US Open. In key moments he lit up a cigarette, wore a shirt for South African Airlines and looked at the end like he was sitting at a urinal waiting for a cigar and a lady of the night. It was quite a performance by Angel and one that left me entertained. One thing I did learn however......Brad Faxon has no business being in HD. To the news (and yes, while watching the UT-UK game on ESPNU from 2001, I just saw Saul Smith foul on a three pointer....some things live on forever)..... (1) We still continue to hear the rumor that Derrick Jasper had some form of knee surgery late last week. There is no indication if the procedure was serious or simply small surgery, but it is likely that UK will address this issue on Monday and we will know more about it. Its been an eventful few days in Kentucky for injuries as the basketball season has seen Derrick Caracter and Edgar Sosa injured for UL and Jared Carter's new shoulder injury for the Cats. Jasper's recovery is important for UK as his presence, as a tall guard who can play the point, can make a four guard system more likely and effective. (2) The Herald Leader notebook, chocked full of facts (whatever happened to the "Second guess of the week"? Are you telling me that having random readers write in and simply tell what they think is wrong with the team is a bad idea.....nah) today included the story that UK's assistant coaches are making $200 K and $160K between Coach Cyprien and Cox respectively. That is big money, but hardly surprising or even worthy of getting worked up about. In today's college basketball, assistants are usually the main factors in recruiting and often put in more man hours than even the hardest working head coaches. When you consider the price discrepancy between what a head coach and most assistants make, the numbers simply dont make sense. UK has raised the ante for assistants, and that is good.....they can make or break a program as the Rigot-Hanson experience taught many of us. From what I can tell, Cyprien and Cox are golden....and they should be paid as such as well. (3) Not a lot in the way of recruiting scoop at this point. Most talk in the last couple of days revolves around the continued interest from UK in the point guard Courtney Fortson. He (along with Polish sensation Olek Czyz) has become one of the quick risers in the nation this summer, but his performance at the Elite Camp showcases part of the value of that event......he came on campus, played well and picked up a scholarship. All the while, giving UK coaches the opportunity to evaluate him against guys as good as NBA All-Rookie Rajon Rondo. For those of you that havent seen him, here is a video of his talents..... (4) Kentucky high school athletics had an up and down weekend. The Kentucky high school football team beat the Tennessee state team 38-24, in a game that showcased just how far high school football talent has come in this state (although John Clay would scoff and say.....its no baseball). Its the second straight win for Kentucky and has some argue it is the basis for Tennessee seeking to end the series. As Larry Vaught said on our show Friday, playing the game in December simply cant happen, so Tennessee's attempt to make it happen showcases a desire to end the game completely. The basketball all stars got crushed by Indiana by 20, continuing a tradition of ineptitude in these games. Stephon Pettigrew only had six points and did not give his best performance. Here's hoping they can make up for it next time. Watching this UK-UT game, Jason Parker could have been good. More to come later in the day. We won the "Hot Blogger" contest yet again, although my opponent from "With Leather" was not exactly gracious. Here is his comment making fun of Kentucky in defeat. I like his blog so wont hit round starts Monday.....Rich Brooks on the show on Thursday......

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