Announcing the First (and probably only) Annual KSR Player Haters Ball
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Announcing the First (and probably only) Annual KSR Player Haters Ball

Hunter Campbellalmost 13 years


Recently, our fanbase has been divided. Some are ready to ride out the bad stretch while some are quick to criticize and tear down our players, coach and anyone who happens to voice support for the squad. Well, Kentucky fans, we can let this go on no longer. When people are at odds, they must find common ground, something to agree on when it seems they can agree on nothing, or they will never again be united. This is that common ground. We have selected 16 players from our rivals and 16 media members/opposing coaches, seeded them and placed them in a bracket to determine what person Kentucky fans loathe the most. For the next few weeks, every day we will announce a new pair of hatable players, coaches or media and you, the loyal KSR readers, will vote to determine who sucks more and moves on. Pretty simple, huh? This should be a good time for everyone, so tell your friends that don't read here to come on over and voice their opinion on who the most detestable person to have ever crossed the Kentucky fans' path is. Hopefully we can use these daily playa hatings to relieve some of the stress from the season and get our fans on the same page. You know what they say, "A house divided against itself will not stand, but a house united in making fun of douchebags will, in fact, stand and be more fun to live in." It's something like that anyway. Here's the bracket: Duke/UL Region 1 - Christian Laettner 8 - Edgar Sosa 4 - Denny Crum 5 - Mike Dunleavy, Jr. 3 - Rick Pitino 6 - Steve Wojciechowski 2 - Mike Krzyzewski 7 - Francisco Garcia Florida/Tennessee Region 1 - Joakim Noah 8 - Tony Harris 4 - Ron Slay 5 - Matt Walsh 3 - Billy Donovan 6 - Wayne Chism 2 - Bruce Pearl 7 - Nick Calathes National Media/Opposing Coaches Region 1 - Billy Packer 8 - Rob Jones 4 - Eddie Sutton 5 - Dale Brown 3 - Digger Phelps 6 - Andy Katz 2 - John Feinstein 7 - Bob Knight Local Media Region 1 - Jerry Tipton 8 - Bryan the Intern 4 - Chris Cross 5 - The Afternoon Underdogs 3 - Rob Bromley 6 - Gregg Doyel 2 - Marc Maggard (Yeah, we know he's not really even close to being media, but whatever.) 7 - Larry Glover Now, having been promoted from the readers to be a part of this fine site, I am intimately familiar with how hilariously frustrating it can be for one of these projects to start and never finish. With that in mind, and my hand firmly planted on a map of Adair County, I do hereby solemnly swear to protect and uphold the interests of the readers and commenters, to be faithful in my diligence on this series, and to see this project through to its full completion in a reasonable amount of time. So there you go folks. I was elected by the people, and will not stand in the way of their opportunity to hate daily, to the fullest measure of their abilities and desires. Get those player-hating, junk talking minds ready, because it's going to be a heck of a ride. Check back early tomorrow afternoon for the first matchup and poll.

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