Another 2007 Possibility?

Another 2007 Possibility?

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Riek With 99.9% of the recruiting finished for the 2007, there are still a couple possibilities that remain unspoken for in the class. From Beas Hamga(UNLV) to PG Hank Thorns(Virginia Tech) and from Andre Clark to Leonard Washington, it seems Kentucky has been mentioned with everyone of them. This shows us all one thing about Billy Gillispie - he wants to win and he wants to win now! It is no big surprise that the Big Blue is somewhat lacking in the frontcourt with a lot of young talent possessing potential, but still very slim at the center position sporting unheralded frosh Mike Williams and injury plagued Jared Carter. While it seems very unlikely that Andre Clark or Leonard Washington will be providing aid to Kentucky's needs in the paint, there is a new and slim possibility for the upsoming season, but still - a new possibility for the 2007 class. Meet John Riek, a 7'2" 240 native of Sudan. Riek is currently a 5 star center according to Scout from the 2009 class. According to some reliable camp reports, there are some rumblings going around that Riek could be a member of the 2007(2nd semester) or the 2008 class. Sometimes these things happens(Beas Hamga), a very talented player is able to re-classify and enter college a year earlier than expected. Riek has received excellent reviews of his performances this past weekend,he actually played so well against 2008 #1 prospect Greg Monroe that Scout Recruiting Analyst Dave Telep determined the matchup between the two 'a draw'. Riek is 17 years old and if he remains in the 2009 class, he would be at least 19 years old before entering college. Next, let me state the following WARNINGS - WARNING I: I have absolutely no inside knowledge or sources of the John Riek situation other than what I have read from various reliable camp reports. Warning II: There are a lot of pieces that must to fall in place in order for this to be a possibility, not to mention there are a LONG list of high major schools that have been mentioned with Riek including Kentucky. We all must remember, the recruiting landscape is becoming filled with people that 'fly by the seat of their pants' leading to erratic and unexpected decisions almost on a daily basis. Still, there is a new and slim possibility for 2007(mid year) and it gives us something new to talk about...

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