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IMG_5360 I've been a huge fan of Chuck Culpepper since his time with the Herald-Leader in the 90's, and it's not a stretch to say that reading his stuff growing up made me dream of doing this for a living. In fact, one of his college football preview features is still tacked up on the wall in my bedroom, yellowed and fraying, but still intact. So, you can imagine my excitement when I read Culpepper's latest piece on Willie Cauley-Stein for The Washington Post. There have been A LOT of articles written about Willie lately, but Culpepper focuses on Willie off the court; in the locker room, specifically. Throughout the postseason, the locker rooms have been open to reporters after the game, a rare treat, and not surprisingly, Willie always has a big crowd around him. I've done my best to capture Willie's comments, attitude, and essence for you guys, but it's such an impossible task that Culpepper wrote an entire article about it:
He begins almost every answer with, “Ommm,” and flows from there. As a third-year wise man in a sport of starry freshmen, he manages to be blunt without being abrasive, helpful without being fawning, candid without being derisive. Mostly, he’s respectful of seemingly every type of question, often with long answers. He’ll describe the sport seriously, describe Kentucky’s noted fans semi-seriously, or go off the script unseriously.
Culpepper mentions the famous "raccoon" quote and other treasures, so go check it out. And then try not to count the days we have left with Willie. [The Washington Post]

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