Another OJ to roam at USC

by:Matt Jones07/05/06
Many years ago the campus at the University of Southern California had a young, handsome athlete named OJ roaming the campus, attracting the ladies and ending up as one of the greatest players in the history of his sport. And now, over thirty years later, it may be time for another one....minus of course the double murder. Word is that tomorrow, OJ Mayo will announce where he will attend college following his neverending high school career. All indications are that it will be USC and Mayo will spend his David Stern-induced one year in college playing in the Pac 10. This is a big recruitment for Tim Floyd and it insures that at least for one year, Pac 10 basketball games not involving Arizona or UCLA may be watched. Mayo is of course a superstar, but I predict issues concerning his eligibility....too much money has been floating around that kid over the years and some of it has to have had an effect. But while it may be debatable whether he will ever actually end up there, USC will tomorrow get the great publicity of the equivalent of a Lebron-type commitment to college. OJs of the world rejoice!

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