Another Take on the Greatest Game No One Saw

Another Take on the Greatest Game No One Saw

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
teamusa.jpg Its no secret that the Sports Guy is the forefather of blogs such as these. His style of writing, showcasing love of team and with a sense of humor spliced with pop references of all types, begat the splurge of sports blogs that now have become part of the mainstream. Without Bill Simmons, there is no Deadspin, Big Lead or yes, Kentucky Sports Radio. Whatever mainstream acceptance blogs like ours have (and it still isnt where it should be), we owe a debt of gratitude to Simmons, who helped start it all. Beginning with his first ESPN column about Roger Clemens (calling him the Antichrist), I have read nearly every article Simmons has ever written. While I, like most of his fans, have become disappointed in recent years at his lack of production and secondary efforts, I cant begrudge the guy. He is very good and now has many platforms for his talent. But that doesnt change the fact that when Simmons is good, he is really good. His latest column about the US Olympic team gold medal game is a perfect example. Like Simmons, I stayed up and watched the game and was blown away by it. The combination of the Team USA's grit, the Spanish team's flair and Tayshaun made it one of the most enjoyable basketball experiences I have ever had.....and very few got to enjoy it with me due to time. But Simmons sums up what a great game it was and where it ranks on the all-time list. Check it out to relive the game if you watched it, learn about it if you didnt and reminisce about just how good the Forefather of sports blogs really can be.

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