Another Word on Brandan Wright

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Just another quick word on Brandan Wright before I saddle up the horses for a trip to beautiful Benton. Folks can disagree if they want, and that is of course fine, but Wright did not have UK second. Did he seriously consider UK? Yes. Did he like UK? Yes. Was he going to UK "but the staff blew it"? No. Plain and simple. UK finished the process fourth....and if you dont believe me, read the Nashville article where Wright says so himself. Having said that, I am ready people saying that I am trying to "cover up for Tubby" with this story. Explain that one to me. I think the fact that UK spent the better part of two years on a recruit that had little interest in the Cats by the end and the staff was 100% convinced was coming to UK is a SERIOUS indictment on their recruiting abilities. I also think that Hanson's incorrect read on the situation is why Hobbs and Tubby have done most of the recruiting this year. So for people to act like this story is anything but an example of a MAJOR blunder on their part is simply incorrect. What it is an indictment of is most internet reporting on these issues. I have tried to make clear in doing this during the season where I believe UK stands with players. I think if we lose Jai Lucas, we truly lost UK was the leader. Patterson is a tougher thing because as soon as he blew up this summer and Duke entered the picture and Florida put on the full court press, Kentucky was no longer the definite leader. But last year on the internet, the conventional wisdom was that Wright was UK's to lose. All I am saying is that conventional wisdom was wrong. What you take from the Wright story is your own decision. I am just saying that when we watch Brandon, it isnt like a guy who fell out of our grasp.....the only people who should feel like that are those that will see him in Cameron Indoor in February.

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