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topix-pikeville Welcome back to another edition of "ANSWERS TO YOUR TOPIX"!!!! Last month we visited the Lexington forum to find Casey at Sun Tan City and the answer to why cats lick their buttholes. We also looked for nude recreation, married men that like men, and the cult-like lifestyle behind playing time distribution with Bryan Station baseball. It was quite a ride! In this second, May edition of "Answers To Your Topix," we're going out to Pikeville to see what's weighing on everyone's minds out in our state's easternmost county. So let's turn on some Dwight Yoakam and get those people some answers!  

Thread Title: poop in the mailbox

Posted By: tada (United States)

What does it mean when someone opens there mailbox and find poop in it ?

  It could mean a variety of things, tada. None good, unfortunately. My guess is you've made an enemy along the way somewhere and that enemy thinks it is funny to leave feces in your mailbox. Classic prank. One of the oldest tricks in the book. Jokes aside, though; do not try to handle the poop with your bare hands. Look around for a stick or any other object to try to pull it out of your mailbox and onto the ground. If your home's water hose reaches the mailbox, I recommend giving it a good spray to remove any poop particles left behind. Your mailman will really appreciate it. Oh, and you should move.

Title: How many BI guys in Pikeville

Posted By: Runner (Orlando, Fl.)

Any BI guys in pikeville

  Runner, I am sure there are several Business Intelligent guys around Pikeville and the surrounding area. Your best bet would be to join some of the local networking groups to get to know those types. The Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce could also assist you in finding Business Intelligent guys such as yourself; it is full of members committed to improving the local economy and economic development. I recommending looking into some of its events and programs. I hope you find some BI guys!

Title: Add a word, Drop a word

Posted by: Creeper (Lexington, Ky.)

Play ball

  Golf ball

Title: Kellogg's Drug Testing

Posted by: Just wondering (Richmond, Ky.)

I've heard 15 different stories about how they drug test. Anyone know they do it? I'm not a drug addict or anything like that, I was just wondering cause I know a few ppl who work there that are on drugs and was wondering how they got hired on.

  Well I hope they drug test! It'd be criminal for Kellogg's to ship out its product without being fully aware of what it contains. Can you imagine biting into a big spoonful of Frosted Flakes, only to find out the sugary coating is crystal meth? That'd make for a wild Monday morning at the office. Mmmmm, these Corn Pops are good. Oh wait, that's actually a crack rock! How'd that get in there? All food manufacturers should test for drugs, not just Kellogg's. It should test for all things, drugs especially. Customers expect to get exactly what is listed in the ingredients and nothing else. No surprises.

Title: Judy

Posted by: Security Guard (United States)

Well, it's been about 34 years now since you broke my heart. I had a difficult time recovering from that situation. I don't know why I am even writing this now, maybe, I guess I never had a chance at any form of closure. It was pretty cruel having your new boyfriend write that letter to me, confirming the end of our relationship. I have long since gotten over the hurt and betrayal that I had felt. I never thought you would ever do that to me. Thanks to you, loving someone was never the same for me. I have never been able to freely give all of my love and heart to anyone since. I really hope it was worth it for you, to be able to crush someone's heart and not think twice about it. With age and wisdom, I have survived, however, not without a scarred heart and soul. I guess you got what you wanted though. Hope it was worth it for you. I wonder if you've had any problems living with your choice that you made. Oh well.

  Though I do not know you, I feel for you, sir. It sounds like Judy meant a lot to you. Heartbreak is a real thing and it's clear in your Topix post you were, and maybe still are, heartbroken. As for the new guy, I bet he sucks. He probably snores and leaves the seat up and refuses to use the coasters on the coffee table. And having him write that letter is weak on Judy's part. If she wanted you to know it was the end of your relationship, she should've been respectful enough of what you two had, to tell you herself. Cold, Judy. Cold. Glad you survived, though -- even through the pain. Women are complicated. There are other Judys out there for you. Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pal!

Title: Homely women

Posted by: EVAN (Louisville, Ky.)

need one needs to be slim no fattys are no curvys--

  EVAN, are you aware the word "homely" literally means "unattractive"? It's odd that you would be so anti-fatty and anti-curvy but also anti-attractive. That's quite a type you have there. Good luck in your pursuit of homeliness. Try the Mark II Lounge, or whatever it's called these days. Wednesday night used to be Ladies' Night.

Title: cracker barrel coming to pikeville

Posted by: well (United States)

So I hear

  Big, if true. Uncle Herschel's Favorites for everyone! But remember: "Leave four or mor'n you're just plain eg-no-ra-moose!"

Title: Macy's coming to Pike

Posted by: yep (United States)

Gonna be opening in the new commons

  Damn, Pikeville. Doin' big thangs.

Title: Whole Foods coming to Pikeville

Posted by: ScubaSteve (Teaberry, Ky.)

It's official..


Title: Costco Coming To Pikeville

Posted by: Open Date (Richmond, Ky.)

Play ball

  Slow down, Pikeville! With all this new retail coming to town, sounds like Pikeville is full of BI guys. Someone tell Runner.

Title: Hooters coming to Pikeville

Posted by: Got Milk (Corbin, Ky.)

The hell with the buffaloes bring on the breasts!

  I see what you did there. Pikeville really getting a Hooters?

Title: Snapchat usernames

Posted by: Hey (Clay City, Ky.)

Come on ladies post them :)

  Not a lady, but @drew_franklin.

Title: Buy Red Bull with Food Stamps?

Posted by: RBaddict (Evansville, In.)

Who here buys Red Bulls or other energy drinks with food stamps? What stores in Pikeville take them for Red Bulls? What stores don't?


Title: facebook moms

Posted by: mountop84 (Pikeville, Ky.)

This facebook thing has really become a problem in the area. Why the hell do married couples need their own accounts. You shouldn't need to have seperate to talk to people. Its like you don't want anyone to know about your spouse. Yesterday was fathers day and i did see many people put pictures and stories of their fathers on there but i also didn't see that many put anything about their husbands. If you are going to spend your life with a man and raise your children with him then you should at least give him a shout out ( really you should make a shrine). There are pictures of what you ate for dinner, what kind of snake you killed, and 1000's of kid pictures but none of the guy you are married to. It doesnt look good when you are ashamed of putting him on there. This also goes the other way and if you are a husband with you own account. Wake up

  You're taking the Facebook thing way too seriously. Step away from the Facebook and regroup. When you're judging other people's relationships based on Facebook and holiday shout-outs, it's time to unplug the computer. This line proves you're in too deep: "If you are going to spend your life with a man and raise your children with him then you should at least give him a shout out."  No. You wake up. Also, tell me more about this snake one of your Facebook friends killed. Can you share it or is it private?

Thread Title: banned from walmart

Posted By: needing info (Pikeville, Ky.)

my sister n law was caught for shoplifting in walmart at prestonsburg and they didnt take her to jail but they took her pic and she said they made her sign something. she doesnt have to go to court or anything but they told her she was banned from walmart. does this mean all walmarts or just prestonsburg? thanks im just curious. could she go into the walmart in pikeville without being caught or do they have face recognition cameras? has anyone else been through this?

  If you ask me, which you indirectly did, your "sister-in-law" has two options here:

Option 1: Go to the Wal-Mart in Pikeville like nothing happened. Facial recognition cameras at the Pikeville Wal-Mart? Not a chance. There is a slight risk in being recognized, but you -- I mean, she -- should be fine if she plays it cool. Wal-Mart is a big place full of a lot of people; it's unlikely you -- I mean, she -- will get spotted at a completely different location, unless there is more to this story.

Option 2: Wait for the new Costco to open

  See you next time on "Answers To Your Topix" when we travel to Western Kentucky!

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