Anthony Davis ties the knot

Anthony Davis ties the knot

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Wedding bells are ringing in the BBN with former Kentucky star Anthony Davis tying the knot in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Davis wed partner Marlen P, with whom he shares a daughter, Nala Davis, in a ceremony attended by basketball royalty.

A very Lakers wedding

Held in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Lakers made sure their presence was known at the joyous occasion.

Teammates Lebron James and Russell Westbrook were in attendance to support the happy couple.

Davis collected his first professional ring with the Lakers in the 2020 NBA Finals before adding a wedding band to his collection.

Lebron and Davis are joined by former Wildcat and Kentucky native Rajon Rondo in LA. The Lakers have been a revolving door of talent recently, and the upcoming season is no exception.

Additional supports come from Russell Westbrook and new addition Carmelo Anthony as the Lakers look forward to the 2021-22 season.

Blue gets in

The Lakers weren’t the only team represented at Davis’ wedding.

Coach John Calipari was also in attendance, taking time to snap a selfie with former ‘Cat DeMarcus Cousins.

Although Cousins and Davis never shared the court together at Kentucky, they have spent years in the NBA together.

Cousins and Davis first joined up in New Orleans in 2017 before meeting again in Los Angeles in 2019.

Cal notoriously maintains relationships with his athletes, and posted pictures with Davis’ family, calling them a “special family”.

Davis is the first former Wildcat in the Calipari era to win an NBA Finals.

Cal and Cousins were also treated to a moonlight serenade by Davis, who sang (yes, sang) to his new wife during a dance spread throughout social media.

Only a man in love would do such a thing.

Congrats to the beautiful couple from the BBN!

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