Anthony Grant Doesn't Know Who This "Kentucky" Team Is

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What is it I’m doing here again?

As Matt is down in Nashville living the life of successful blogger/lawyers, I’m stuck in Lexington living the life of a less successful blogger/substitute teacher.  In other words, I’m laying on the couch after work, drinking a beer, and constantly asking myself if I really care about Indiana/North Western.  Welcome to my world, KSR.

But at least I remember most of the things I’ve done this year, and I certainly remember every top 3 basketball team I’ve coached against in the past month.  Which is more than can be said for Alabama coach Anthony Grant.  When asked how his Alabama team had improved since the last time he played Kentucky, Grant struggles to remember the game and starts talking about the Ole Miss loss instead.  All the while, sounding like a man who isn’t that excited to be up all night trying to figure out who Wall, Cousins, and Patterson are, and why they will be the features of his nightmares for years to come.

The rest of the video is nothing if not a chance to play Coach-Speak bingo, as Grant pulls out every cliche and buzzword in the College Coach lexicon.  Still, the interview is worth checking out.  Since embedding is disabled over at Tom Leach’s site (or at least difficult for me to figure out,) I’ll give you guys the link to the video.  You’ll have to click on the thumbnail of Grant, and then the play button, but it’s worth the whole three clicks it might take you.

From my couch in Lexington, Go Cats!

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