AP Poll is Released....Kentucky is #11

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
duke The Preseason AP Top 25 Poll is out and there are a few surprises. San Diego State makes its first appearance in who knows how long, North Carolina goes from awful last year to Top Ten this year and Kansas State finds its highest appearance in school history. The Cats come in at #11, which is low if Enes plays and maybe slightly high if he does not. Overall, not a bad job on the rankings, although my view is that after the top two teams, the next 15 are basically interchangable. Either way, its basketball season and I for one am excited. Oh and Free Enes! 1. Duke 2. Michigan State 3. Kansas State 4. Ohio State 5. Pittsburgh 6. Villanova 7. Kansas 8. North Carolina 9. Florida 10. Syracuse 11. Kentucky 12. Gonzaga 13. Illinois 14. Purdue 15. Missouri 16. Baylor 17. Butler 18. Washington 19. Memphis 20. Georgetown 21. Virginia Tech 22. Temple 23. Tennessee 24. BYU 25. San Diego State

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