Apparently it IS a Toomer....

by:Matt Jones08/03/06
When one day I am old and gray I hope I will look back on my life and say the KSR blog was oh so great its contents made all celebrate for it gave all the public much news and occasionally some goofy views but better than any site rumor was the poetry of Carlos Toomer Yes, for those of you who may have missed it last week, this site gave the world its first glimpse into the poetic mind of former Kentucky player, Carlos Toomer. At that time, we were uncertain that the actual poet was Carlos Toomer, and my initial suspicions were that it was just a big UK fan using a pen name. But after a while, I began to believe that Carlos may have been the real lyrical poet, even though I didnt know it. Miraculously, after my post on Tuesday, Jerry Tipton, surely by nothing but mere coincidence ;) did an interview with Toomer in which he revealed that he was a poetry buff. Thus it turns out that all the bizarre poetry that we linked to here on the blog.....filled with odd requests for love, attention and a Valentine for Bill Keightley were written by Carlos himself. This truly leaves me speechless and to me, is one of the odder revelations of my time as a UK fan. These poems are really, really strange. And when you consider that they are named after former UK players....well the strangeness turns somewhat creepy. Having said that though, there may be an explanation and hopefully we can find it....and it wont be too scary. But until then, how about another poem: This one is called (and I am not kidding) Ravi Moss Why do fools fall in love? Is the question I ask Why does love just come and go? But why do the memories always last? Why can love feel great at times? Why can it make you so blue? Why couldn't I get away from love? Why can I get out of what I got into? Why cant I stay on the happy side of love? Why does the term love hurts seem so true? Why can't I just tell me what to do? Why does it hurt so bad? why does it hurt so bad? Why do I feel so sorry for what I blew? Why do I wish i had another chance to love? Because I cant stop loving you by Carlos Toomer There you go folks....only on KSR Blog (and maybe in Tipton's next column ;) )

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