Apparently the Knicks don't think Karl Towns' butt is big enough for them

Apparently the Knicks don't think Karl Towns' butt is big enough for them

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[caption id="attachment_175484" align="alignnone" width="546"]Photo by Matt Hernandez Photo by Matt Hernandez[/caption] Karl Towns has taken over the #1 spot in several major mock drafts, but according to this article by The New York Post, if the Knicks get the first pick, they may not take Towns because his butt isn't big enough. No, this isn't a Ryan Lemond joke, it's a legit quote from Charley Rosen, one of Phil Jackson's friends.
They need a center with a big butt to hold space,’’ Rosen told The Post. “They didn’t have anybody like that. It takes away a major portion of what you can do with the triangle because then it really becomes just a perimeter offense.’’ After watching Towns in the NCAA Tournament, Rosen says, “Towns is not a big enough body. He’d never get that position in the NBA. He doesn’t have enough power or core strength. He wouldn’t be able to set up one dribble away from the basket. He’s not a kind of center you need in the triangle. He’s not physically that type of center, but he’s athletic and does other things. Look how far out (Lou) Amundson, (Jason) Smith and (Andrea) Bargnani get pushed out when they post up, well out of the box.’’
After watching Karl put the Cats on his back on Saturday night, I'm not sure how anyone wouldn't want him on their team. Karl had a career-high 25 points and was a perfect 8-8 from the floor in the second half. At 6'11", 250 lbs., he seems plenty capable of holding his own in the post. As for the butt comment, don't the Knicks know that Karl's teammates used to call him "Karl Kardashian"? Albeit for completely different reasons (Andrew says Karl earned the nickname for his tendency to overreact to things), but Phil Jackson doesn't need to know that. [NY Post]

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