Archie Goodwin discovers Vine

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


What a jokester! Over the weekend, I introduced my friends to Vine, the new social media app that allows you to take short videos and share them with friends. While many of them rolled their eyes at the latest "hip" social media fad, some were pretty intrigued. As they should be. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and countless other apps before it, Vine is all what you make of it. You have good "Viners," who will take creative videos that tell a story, and you have your bad "Viners," who post videos of their food or a drunken night out. Most of us fall somewhere in between. I haven't quite decided what kind of Viner Archie Goodwin is yet. Archie added the app on Friday and has taken 14 videos so far, most of which are just him talking to the camera. The result is both bizarre and hilarious. Here are some of my favorites: New Geico spokesman? Singing in the car: Archie has always been a little mysterious. From his sassy wink during the All-Access intro to his sometimes out of control play on the court, it's been a little hard to get a good read on the talented freshman. Like any other player, we were desperate to love him. When he dunked, we burred. When the rest of the team had seemingly given up on the season, Archie was one of the few players to stand up and actually show some heart on the court. After the season ended so tragically in Moon Township, Archie said that none of the players were ready to go to the NBA and pledged to return, only to change his mind a few weeks later. Based on the unique situation presented by this year's weak draft, you can't really blame him for going after his dream, but the decision still stung, especially when Archie angrily defended it on Twitter. Regardless, we wish him the best of luck, and please, Archie, keep Vining. I only wish you had started sooner. Oh yeah, he has one last message to all the haters:

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