Archie Goodwin is one of's NBA combine "losers"

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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"I will make you eat your feet." Archie Goodwin is one of four NBA prospects tabbed as combine "losers" in a piece at Though the label is only "for the moment," it is clear that Archie's inconsistent jump shot may be too much for him to overcome as he tries to improve his stock in these weeks leading up to the draft.
Losers (For The Moment) Archie Goodwin Goodwin struggled with his jump shot throughout the combine -- "Very flat," a Western Conference coach said -- and looked like the player who said he would be "delusional" to think he was ready for the NBA. There is a raw, Jamal Crawford-like talent in Goodwin, an athletic, dynamic combo guard who can score in a variety of ways. But it could take years to develop that player in him, if it can be brought out at all.
Once a potential lottery pick, Archie is now expected to go in the late first round to early second round range. Draft Express updated its mock draft today and it projects him going to the Suns with the last pick in the first round. Another combine loser, according to Shabazz Muhammad. [ Winners, losers from the 2013 NBA draft combine]

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