Archie Goodwin wants you to expect a championship

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There is a new video up over on of Archie Goodwin discussing how he is adjusting to college and what he wants from fans at Kentucky. The video is part of a series introducing UK's five newcomers: Julius Mays, Nerlens Noel, Alex Poythress, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Goodwin. So what did Archie say he wants from Big Blue Nation? High expectations. "I want people to expect us to win the championship... a national championship... or multiple championships, depending on who stays or goes," he told "With that pressure on me, it means you have to perform and there are no other explanations for it. There are no excuses." Eric Lindsey's article on Goodwin also includes an amusing story from when Kentucky was recruiting him. As he tells it, when Coach Cal called him for the first time, he thought he was talking to John Pelphrey.
“I didn’t know who it was at first because there were two Coach Os I was in contact with at the time — Coach Orlando (Antigua) and Coach O (Tom Ostrom) from Arkansas, so I thought it was the Coach O from Arkansas,” Goodwin said. “He was on the phone and I was listening and he said he was going to put Coach on the phone. I didn’t know he was talking about Coach Cal. I thought it was Coach (John) Pelphrey, who was the coach at Arkansas at the time. “And so when Coach Cal was talking, I was listening and he was going on and on and then I heard him say, ‘We just had five players taken in the draft.’ That’s when I was like ‘Oh snap, this is Cal and that was Coach Orlando that called me.’ That was the first time that I had talked to him, and from there he came to watch me play a few times and we just got it going from there.” With all due respect to Pelphrey, I imagine there is quite a difference in talking to him on the phone about Arkansas and talking to John Calipari about Kentucky. Watch the video at

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