Archie Goodwin's Wednesday Morning Wakeup

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archie-goodwin Good morning, Big Blue Nation and those spying on us from Louisville, Indiana and opposing fan bases around the Southeastern Conference. Today is a special day at the KSR office because we are celebrating the birth of one Archie Goodwin. Yep, Archie turns 22 years young today, so give him some love on the Twitter machine or if you see him around Phoenix or Arkansas. I've always loved Archie, even though he was extremely frustrating at times during his one season in Lexington. My man loved to lower that head and carelessly drive to the basket, but he was trying to make something happen, dammit. And then there's the real reason I love him: his Big Blue Madness dance in 2012.   We'll hear from DJ Eliot and the defense today. It's the defense's day to chat with the media at UK's new practice facility. DJ Eliot and the D will be available a little later this morning, following today's practice. We'll be all over what they have to say about the happenings inside camp. Charles Walker was on The Paul Finebaum Show. Walker made a special guest appearance to tell Paul all about his surprise scholarship, and to boost the show's ratings. If you missed it, here's the replay: Finebaum said Walker's stories is one of the best he's heard, but he hasn't heard the half of it yet. Wait 'til Charles catches seven or eight touchdowns this season. Coach Cal is hosting a charity softball game.  Due to some minor construction in Rupp Arena, Calipari's annual fantasy camp will conclude with a charity softball game this year in place of the alumni basketball game. The game will be played Sunday, August 28 and tickets are already on sale. Our own Matt Jones and Ryan Lemond are listed among those expected to participate: Click here for full details. DeMarcus Cousins and Team USA back in action. The U.S. will face Argentina in the first round of the single-elimination knockout stage of the competition today. Win and move on to Friday's semifinal against either France or Spain. Today's game is set for a 5:45 pm tip, the same time as my last men's league match of the summer out at Greenbrier. You should make time to watch one of the two, probably the basketball. In or around Knoxville this weekend? Come out to the Tour's News Sentinel Open. Kent Bulle and Josh Teater, KSR's two favorite golfers, will be among the field at the News Sentinel Open in Knoxville; along with former KSR writer Aaron Flener, who caddies on the tour. I will be leaving Lexington at 5 am tomorrow morning to be there to give Kent his pre-tournament pep talk on the range before his 8:10 am tee time at the Fox Den Country Club. If you're going to be around Knoxville, put on your best Cats gear and come out to the course to follow along. Hopefully we're still there Sunday to lift the trophy, with the after-party to follow at Cotton Eyed Joe. Vamanos El Toro. Let's get this money. Sammy Sosa is still white.
Post-baseball Sammy Sosa is the creepiest Sammy Sosa. Remember when he looked like this?


KSR is in Cincinnati today. But where?

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