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Archie Miller claims Kentucky/Indiana series talks are ongoing

Is there hope for the Kentucky/Indiana series? Last night, Archie Miller said talks of renewing the rivalry are ‘on the table’ even though John Calipari once again slammed the door on a home-and-home series earlier this summer.

“It’s always been a topic and it continues to be on the table,” Miller told reporters before an appearance in Evansville. “The communications with both administrations has been pretty ongoing. I hope, we hope and Kentucky hopes the game will re-emerge and be part of both team’s schedule. When it happens really has to deal with two people will be doing what is best. I think there has been an ongoing dialogue daily and it’s something that both Indiana and Kentucky wants. I know from our administration’s standpoint and our staff, that would be something that would be huge for the buzz in the state and our fanbase and whatnot. It’s one of those things college basketball needs more of.”

Since 2012, both sides have been at a stalemate, the Hoosiers insisting on a home-and-home series and John Calipari insisting on neutral sites, even offering to play both games in Indianapolis. According to Jeff Rabjohns, Miller told fans during the Q&A that he wants to bring back the great atmospheres of the old games with half red/half blue crowds, so maybe the Hoosiers have warmed up to neutral sites. Or this is just hopeful rhetoric. I’m going with the latter.

Video via Courier & Press:

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