Archie Miller says Joe Lunardi should "go back in the trash can where [he] came from"

Archie Miller says Joe Lunardi should "go back in the trash can where [he] came from"

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Finishing out the 2019-20 regular season with a 19-12 record overall and 9-11 in conference play, the Indiana Hoosiers are right on the fringe of NCAA Tournament contention, likely on the outside looking in.

On one end, the Hoosiers have ranked victories over the likes of Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, and Penn State. On the other, they’ve also fallen to the likes of Wisconsin (twice), Purdue (twice), Arkansas, Illinois, and Rutgers, among others.

Indiana head coach Archie Miller feels his team’s strength of schedule and quality wins justify a spot in the Big Dance. ESPN college basketball analyst Joe Lunardi, though, continues to leave the Hoosiers out of the field in his Bracketology updates, specifically in his most recent edition released late Saturday evening.

And while Lunardi’s updates truly have no bearing on the NCAA’s decision-making process or which schools make it in the NCAA Tournament, Miller isn’t handling Indiana’s exclusion very well.

Following Indiana’s loss to Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon, the Hoosier head coach took the podium to tell reporters that Lunardi is on a “Sesame Street show” and that he needed to “go back in the trash can where he came from.”

“If you watch Sesame Street and listen to the guys on Sesame Street, you’d know it’s a children’s show. Every Bracketology is a children’s show,” Miller said. “When I was in the Atlantic 10, Joe Lunardi was my best friend. He used to help me all the time. When I went to Indiana, he needed to crap on Indiana to get people to watch his Sesame Street. You know what I’m saying?

“Go back in the trash can where you came from.”

Check out the entire exchange:


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