Arkansas Predictions and Saturday Show Preview

Arkansas Predictions and Saturday Show Preview

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
There was a time when the Arkansas rivalry was something special. The SEC Tournament every year was usually a set of dueling fan bases, with the Cats fans in Blue and the Hog fans yelling "Pig Sooey." Those were great games, with Nolan Richardson (pre-someone shooting his horse), Corlis Williamson, the immortal Scotty Thurman, Dwight Stewart and his pudgy three point jumpers, Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, the Big O Oliver Miller. Great stuff. One of the best games of the last 15 years was in Memphis, when Rodrick Rhodes missed the free throws to win, but the Cats still made Nolan cry in the Finals of the SEC Tournament. The Hogs havent been the Hogs in sometime. But they are slightly better....and they need this win do the Cats. I think it will be a tense affair, and I hate to say it, but I got the Hogs by 3, 69-66. What say you? And tomorrow morning, be sure and tune in to our Saturday show from 10 AM- Noon. IF you live in the Louisville area, tune in on 1570 AM. But we also are beginning to be heard in the Lexington and Frankfort area on 1600 AM. Tomorrow should be a great show as we preview the Hogs, get towards signing day and have a special visit from a recruit. Good stuff all around. Call us at 1-800-510-ESPN to join the conversation, and you can call even if you cant hear to have your questions answered. And in case you missed it, "Pete" gave his Top 10 rules for being a UK fan in Rupp Arena in the other thread. I liked them and thought I would put them here. Ten Rules for Rupp Arena Support (1) You support your team no matter what; (2) You make more noise when your team plays defense than when your team is down three with two minutes to play and they are bringing the ball up the floor on offense; (3) You NEVER boo your team’s players; (4) You ALWAYS boo a bad call against your team (and when Rick Pitino is announced as coach of the cardinals), you DO chant “air ball, air ball” after an opposing player shoots an airball (and if there is any doubt, it WAS a bad call and an air ball), you laugh when the students chant “Bullshit, Bullshit” but you do not shout them down because they are only young and stupid once - and if you are over 20 you DO NOT join in because young people need good role models; (5) You DO NOT become panicked and raise the tension level in the arena when your team uses more than 25 seconds of the shot clock, 3.5 seconds of the in-bounds 5-count, misses a free throw, or turns the ball over - although it is permissible to CALMLY join in a crowd count down of the shot clock’s last 5-8 seconds for team assistance purposes only; (6) You do not yell “SHOOT” when Woo gets the ball beyond the three point line, unless the game is well out of reach (only in favor of UK) in which case the rule is reversed; (7) You do your best to remain seated when the person behind you stays seated - although this rule becomes null and void when a UK player hits a “dagger” three or steals a pass for a breakaway dunk or when any team ranked 10 or higher (or from Lousiville, Florida, North Carolina (not including High Point), or Tennessee) comes to town; (8) You should avoid telling someone to sit down or keep quiet because standing and cheering always trump sitting and not cheering - although this rule is not mandatory and has less applicability if you, or your guest, cannot stand, in which case you are allowed to calmly explain the situation and ask for courtesy, (and if the person making the noise is one of those obnoxious Vandy fans from a few weeks ago this rule is completely reversed and mandatory); (9) You clap along with the fight song every time it is played, unless you are in the restroom or eating a hot dog; and (10) You stand, if able, when the big K flag comes out at the under 8:00 timeout or when a “Y” personality is in the house (who always, regardless of prestige, gets a wild ovation), and, in a close game, you then cheer non-stop following those events until the game is decided.

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