As Bad as it Gets
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As Bad as it Gets

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
tytyrtyytrtr Gardner Webb, San Diego and at Vanderbilt....three games in 2007-2008 that will go down as losses as bad as we have ever taken. Tonight was awful....dreadful....and beyond words. As a matter of fact, the only way to really compartmentalize and handle this game is to forget it. This team has looked better and is not as terrible as it seemed tonight. But tonight was bad.....REALLY bad. Kentucky was getting some national buzz as being back, they were ready to showcase their turnaround on national tv and then this. It really is a terrible, terrible loss. I choose to forget its occurrence tomorrow, but until then a few thoughts. -- It is inconceivable for a Kentucky team to look as bad as this one did on offense in the first half. 11 points is the lowest total for a Kentucky team in who knows how long, but what is even more unbelievable is that they only took 14 shots....inexplicable. There was no one problem to point to....just awful planning, awful execution and as bad a performance as we may ever see. -- AJ Stewart played a lot tonight and showcased why he hasnt played more during the year....lots of energy, lots of hustle....lots of missed assignments and blown opportunites. He will get there.....he is not there now. -- This game isnt talent at all....this talent beat Vanderbilt earlier in the year. It was execution and it was awful. When your best players (Patterson, Crawford and Bradley), all have bad games, this is what you get....and it hurts to watch. -- I cant fathom a reason to play Jodie Meeks for the first time down 40. I am sure one will be created, but I cant imagine being convinced by it. -- Kudos to Ashley Judd...I still love the girl no matter what. She did what any good UK fan would do....stay and cheer on your boys. -- No more trips to see "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" as motivation....ugh. -- Finally, if it is close, this keeps the Cats out of the Tournament. Lose only one more game in the regular season and they are in. But lose 2 more and what was a close call likely goes against UK because of an embarrassing 40 point loss. That is an unfortunate reality. Tomorrow is a brighter day...we will have more then.

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