Associated Press releases postseason SEC awards

Associated Press releases postseason SEC awards

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


terrence-jones-sec-tournament Choosing to go the opposite route of the folks at Yahoo! and Fox, the AP decided to wait until after people were finished caring about conference awards to release theirs. Still, it's worth noting that the Cats were a part of the recognition. Terrence Jones was named Freshman of the Year by the AP, and joined Chandler Parsons, John Jenkins, Jamychal Green and Chris Warren on the first team. Parsons was the Player of the Year and Billy Donovan, for reasons that still baffle me, was named Coach of the Year by yet another media outlet. Meanwhile, Brandon Knight was named to the second-team all-conference squad, along with Trey Thompkins, Tony Mitchell, Erving Walker and Scotty Smallballs. There's still a little too much Florida for my liking, but congrats to Terrence Jones on taking home another Frosh of the year honor, even if Knight being placed on the second team is a load of bull. Maybe, though, after the first weekend is over and Kentucky is heading to Newark while Florida's heads hang from a second-round loss to an awful Michigan State team, folks will figure it all out. I doubt it. And yes, for those of you who will skip the entire post to tell me that this news came out last week, it should probably be pointed out that these are different than the awards that the SEC hands out for itself, which were posted here about a week ago. You're welcome. Go Big Blue.

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