Astronaut Jones' Friday News and Views

Astronaut Jones' Friday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
001astronaut_jones.jpeg The story this week about the crazy lady astronaut who drove across the country in a diaper to win a man made me remember the greatest astronaut of all.....Astronaut Jones. Tracey Morgan was always an underrated cast member ("I'm Brian Fellows"!) but I always thought he was at his best in his completely bizarre "Astronaut Jones" skits (one is linked below). When I look at the guy that the lady was seeking to win over, he looks like no prize....but Astronaut Jones would be a man worthy of macing someone for. Well, he and John Glenn. Also have to give a mention to the unfortunate death of Anna Nicole Smith. Something about Smith has always seemed tragic to me as her years spent in the spotlight (literally over a decade now) have really made her a media-created celebrity that almost has no equal in America (maybe Paris Hilton). IF you look at all the things she was involved in (Playboy, Naked Gun, marrying the old rancher, the DexaTrim stuff, the reality show, the tragic death of her son, a major Supreme Court case), she really has spanned the spectrum of publicity. Nevertheless I have always sensed sadness with her and today's death, while not unexpected, is still very sad. Now onto the news.... (1) I cant say how great things are going to be on Saturday in and around Rupp Arena. I will have more on this later today, but you just get the feeling that this is going to be one of those special games that you will be happy to have been around. I have no idea if the Cats are going to win (I originally thought no chance....but I now I think it will be interesting), but what is most important for the program is that once again we have one of those "it" games. This week I have been fielding calls from friends around the country excited about a UK regular season game....that is rare for these non-UK fans. Many see this as the best chance for Florida to take a regular season conference loss and with Gameday, Dicky V, etc, it will be wild. I sense great excitement from the student body, the people in Lexington and UK fans in general.....this excitement is much needed. I think this is the best team to come into Rupp since Arkansas in 95.....and I think it will be treated accordingly. (2) One unfortunate bit of news comes from Jai Lucas who told me tonight that he will be unable to attend the game in person. He has a game early Saturday and was unable to get a flight to get him to the game in time. He told me he will make another trip (he hopes) to one of the remaining games and that he was upset that he would miss it. It would have been great to have Jai at the game and there was some hope that Patrick Patterson might show up as well. No such luck.....still Jai says he will be watching at home, and Rupp should be rocking. (3) The 2008 recruiting campaign continues to move, as Ed Davis will soon be visiting Lexington. Who is Ed Davis you ask? Ed is a power forward, who is one of the top 20 players in the class of 2008 and a player that could give Kentucky exactly what it needs for the future at this position. Davis is a highly skilled offensive player and guy who is able to score at will at this point in his career. He matched up last year against Patrick Patterson, and many who watched the game (I was not one) said that the matchup was almost a "tossup." Davis's father was recruited by Tubby Smith early in his career (that must make Tubby feel old) and it is generally thought that Tubby's relationship with him is UK's best edge. The biggest fight here may be with UCONN and Viginia, both of whom are focusing on Davis for the 08 campaign. When Davis comes to Lexington, he will join Kenny Frease, Carter McMAsters, Phillip Jurick, Darius Miller and Kevin Jones as top prospects who have made early visits and are on UK's radar. Will this pay dividends? We shall see....but what is clear is that UK is better prepared entering the summer than in any year in quite some time.....who do you give credit to....well I give credit to Shawn Finney.....he has made a difference, and quickly, in that area. (4) News reports are now coming out with what we have been saying on ours how for quite some time.....there is some mutual interest between Kentucky and Michael Jordan's son Jeffrey Jordan for a potential spot on the team.....likely as a walk-on. Jordan is an interesting possibility because he is not nearly skilled enough to be a major Div 1 player, but he occasionally shows flashes of brilliance and has had good performances. HE has some lower Div 1 offers, but wants to play for a top program. It is thought that Miami (Fl) will ultimately offer, but Kentucky has made some inquiries. I for one think that getting Jeffrey, at least as a walk-on, would be a GREAT move for the program.....if for no other reason that public relations. Having Michael Jordan at games is great for all parties involved and his presence can do wonders for UK from a marketing standpoint. I dont think UK can afford a scholarship offer.....and Jeffrey may want such an offer....but if a walk-on were considered (albeit one where Tubby plans to try and play him), then this could be a mini-coup for the Cats. (5) Well we thank all who voted on the signs. Here are the ones getting made (would have done the Barbaro one, but when Payne thinks its not classy....well then there is a problem): 1. "Hey Noah: Get the Ark Ready" with accompanying drawings. 2. "Doug Gottlieb took my wallet" 3. The Crocodile Hunter with Noah's head captured, saying "She's a BEAUT!!!" 4. Picture of National Championship Trophy Cases with "Mine is Bigger than Yours" and the wildcard 5. "Tubby has a Big Pole" with a picture of Woo. Now if you are a student who will be in the Erruption Zone early or are a student or fan who is going to College Gameday (which is open to the public at 9:30 Saturday morning) either in the morning or evening, and you would like to be one of the folks to hold up these signs, write me at [email protected] We will pick the folks who give us the best reasons for allowing them to do it, to hold the signs up. Plus if you are A WOMAN/GIRL and are interested (or you are writing on behalf of one), make sure and let me know.....we want at least a couple females, especially for the National Championship and Big Pole posters. Remember, we will be in the Hyatt lobby from 10 am-12 noon doing our show on 1570 AM in Louisville and 1600 AM in Lexington/Frankfort and from 7 pm-9pm taping our podcast. The evening show will include Jay Bilas, Hubert Davis and others stopping by and we will be there, along with Ravi Moss, so come by and say hello. Should be a great night, so be ready!!!!

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