At least PJ Washington made big shots down the stretch

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 2 years


On a night where so much went wrong, does it provide any solace that PJ Washington stepped up and made big shots down the stretch? Probably not, but PJ’s play deserves praise. The sophomore big man finished with 20 points, seven in the final three and a half minutes to help Kentucky stay in the game.

“He gave us a chance,” John Calipari said of PJ. “He gave us a chance.”

PJ also had nine rebounds, three assists, and a steal in 27 minutes. He battled foul trouble in the second half, but came back in and became Kentucky’s only offense towards the end of the game. With so many of his teammates flailing, PJ proved he can be the go-to guy, a role we’ve all been waiting for him to embrace. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough tonight.



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