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Kentucky beat the University of Portland last night. That was pretty cool. Ya know what else is cool? Waking up to fresh links. (Pssst... Don't tell anyone but the morning links are just a lazy way of getting a quick post up so we can sleep a little longer.) You're stuck with me all day and I'm looking forward to it. Not really but we'll make it work. -- ESPN needs to shut up with all of the Wrigley Field football game talk. I don't have a link for that. I just feel like it needs to be said. I'll intentionally break my neck on that wall behind the endzone if I have to hear about it one more time. -- Kentucky smothers Portland, rolls to easy victory. (Insert Oregon Trail joke.) -- Those pesky Hilltoppers from Western Kentucky pulled off a late comeback against Hofstra. WKU will beat Louisville this year and it won't even be considered an upset. Go Tops. -- Coach Cal stopped by the Jim Rome show to talk about Enes Kanter and Kentucky basketball.  "Chris" Everett was not available. -- Josh Harrelson set a career high with 12 rebounds. Be sure to congratulate him on his outstanding performance. -- In night golf news, Billy Gillispie attended the opening day of the SMU Invitational. Witnesses say Gillispie was disappointed when he found out it wasn't a job fair. -- I bet I can pin your arm down in five seconds. Go. I'm going back to bed.  Good seeing you.

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