Auburn Gets Serious

Christopher Johnsover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Christopher JohnsChristopher Johns
Yesterday, the KSR chief provided a list of things that jump into his mind regarding Auburn basketball. It was pretty comprehensive, but I had two things to add. 1) Floppy haired white guys are defined by Scott Pohlman. A name that sounds like a Kansas center was actually Auburn's Wayne Turner as he is tied for the most games played in a Tigers uniform. Also, his haircut deserves a picture: pohlman He is best known for absolutely going off against Oklahoma State in the NCAA tourney (11-17, 28 points) and sporting a haircut that made a young Vinny Del Negro proud. 2) Doc Robinson. Chris Porter got all the publicity, the Sports Illustrated covers, and the hype, but Doc Robinson was the key to those late 1990's teams. In Tubby Smith's only loss to Auburn, it was Robinson that stuck the dagger into the Cats jugular with a timely three that put the Tigers up for good. Dude was second banana to Porter, but he could have been The Man at any other SEC school (excluding Kentucky). I was more than happy to see that guy leave. As an additional note, apparently, the Tigers are getting pretty serious about their roundball. Below is a video showcasing the new basketball arena that they are building that is slated to open next season: Isn't that just adorable? Was there any doubt that they would go with "Eye of the Tiger" as the music bed for that video? Actually, I like the luxury suite/balcony idea. If you are serious about getting the, ahem, more distinguished UK fans out of the lower sections of Rupp in favor of more rowdy participants, there has to be some sort of luxury option to take the place. Also, the contractor goes into some detail in this video: Highlight here? Full kitchen so the concession stands can provide items other than popcorn and hot dogs. Not a bad idea, but I fear for the health of the local sports writers if Rupp started replacing the snack table with a full buffet in the media room. I need my sports reporters lithe and in shape should they ever need to chase a target down a hallway. Let's get ready for the game, shall we? The Live Blog is up next. I predict a 87-69 win for Kentucky where Jorts makes an appearance. Go Big Blue!

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