aUKward Fan Photos: Chapter 8

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  aUKward Fan Photos hits the road this week to Lakeland, FL, where I am currently caddying in the first stage of PGA Tour qualifying school. We told a waitress the first night what we were in town for and she said "I didn't know they had a school for that." Well, they do. It's tough and tuition is expensive.   Things are busy here in Florida, but the aUKward Fan Photos show MUST GO ON.  While you are enjoying the beginning of the Marcus Lee experience, have a laugh at reader Sean Combs' expense.   Sean writes: "Hey Aaron, My name is Sean Combs (Not the rapper P-diddy or puff-daddy or puffy)  and I live in Weare, New Hampshire. My early years I grew up just outside of Cincinnati and I have relatives that live in Lexington.  My grandfather is a diehard UK fan and he instilled that in me. I used to sit with him when I was 7 or 8 and just talk about how awesome Rex Chapman was and listen to the games on the radio (he didn’t like the TV).  In elementary school, I moved to New England. One time when I flew out to visit, he took me to a UK fan gathering in a church (UK fandom is like a religion) and I met Sandy Bell, Jeff Brassow (Editor's note: Matt says it's pronounced BRASSSSSSOOOOOOWWWWW!!!), and one of the coordinators under Hal Mumme. (I think his name was Claude, I don’t quite remember, but he was a very large individual). (Editor's note: Yes, Claude Bassett. He got UK football placed on probation.) Anyway this is a picture of me camping in New Jersey on a family vacation.  I was probably 10 or 11 and every Christmas my Grandfather would send UK gear to me in New England, which was the greatest. He now sends it to my kids. I really don’t know what I was thinking with my outfit (I think those shorts were called Jams). I'm thankful to KSR for keeping me up to speed on all things UK.  Besides Nerlens Noel going to nearby Tilton Academy, the only thing that I ever hear about college basketball in New Hampshire is how great Matt Bonner was at Florida. (Editor's note: He wasn't that great.)"   For the sake of your computer and keyboard, before you click the "more" tab to proceed to look at this picture I ask that you swallow all food and drink currently in your mouth. You've been warned.   Sean, my man. I mean, wow.  This picture is so aUKward for so many reasons. Sean is the biggest 10 or 11 year old I've ever seen. He's got to be at least 5'9'' in this picture. This outfit makes me wonder at what point in life Sean made his first friend. (Kidding. Sort of.)   As far as the picture goes, I'm going a different route than the normal observations. I want to tell you how I think the conversation went down between Sean and his mom before this picture happened:   Sean's Mom: "Hey Sean, go put on the UK shirt your grandfather sent you last Christmas so I can take your picture and send it to him in the mail.  You know, the one with the Wildcat waving the flag while he's wearing a ninja mask?" Sean: "Yippy skippy, sure thing Mom. I know the one. What should I wear with it?" Sean's Mom: "It doesn't matter, just hurry up. The lighting is PERFECT out here right now." Sean: "Okay, Momsy. Be there in a jiffy." Thinking to himself: "Can't really go wrong with a pair of jams, high tops double knotted, and the ole one sock up one sock down look... Yep. This is it." Sean's Mom: "Bring your green hat!" Sean: "You got it, Mom! Good thinking!" Sean's Mom: "Okay, now stand right there in front of the tent and look as slouched as possible." Sean: "Not a problem at all. It's my go-to pose!"   If you have aUKward pictures you want the Big Blue Nation to see, please send them to me at [email protected] or @AFlenerKSR on twitter.      

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