aUKward Fan Photos: Chapter 9

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  aUKward Fan Photos is only as good as the photos you guys send me. Some weeks I struggle to find one I like. Some weeks I don't. Sometimes the picture for that week's chapter comes through at the last minute. But Big Blue Nation ALWAYS comes through for me. And for that reason, your mother and I love you very much.   This week's picture is the first one featuring a fellow KSR contributor. The contributor I am speaking of is considered by many to be good looking and in some people's eyes a celebrity. If you guessed Chris Tomlin, it's a reasonable guess. His "Animal Friends" columns in National Geographic for Kids have made him very well known amongst elementary school students and librarians, but I am actually talking about someone else.   The star of our picture tonight is one of the stars of "Cougartown" on TBS. After you see this picture you'll wonder how he ever made it to a point in life where he could be married to Courtney Cox (even if it is just on TV.)  Yes, I am of course talking about none other than Josh Hopkins. It was brought to my attention on twitter by my college friend Matt Hardison, an avid KSR reader and radio listener all the way in Houston.  So Josh, if you're going to get upset at someone, get upset at Matt.   Let's get to the picture.   If you are having trouble finding Josh in the picture, he is disguised as a dairy cow in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. I reached out to Josh on twitter and asked him to explain what was happening in this picture and to find out if any animals were harmed in the making of his sweater. I wasn't certain there was internet access in Cougartown, but apparently there is. I asked Josh, "Can you explain the sweater?"   He said, "The 80s? Bill Cosby? I thought Giant polka dots would be cool?" (WARNING: Josh, I'm about to do the Matt Jones radio thing where I start with "I like you" and then say "but"...) Josh, I like you. I've even watched a few episodes of Cougartown. I enjoyed your story about stalking John Wall. But just because Bill Cosby can make something cool doesn't necessarily mean you and I can make it cool. In Bill Cosby, we're talking about a man that made jello pudding cool.  Case closed. While Josh's sweater is the main focus and raises even more questions to me than just "Can you explain it?" (Why isn't he wearing blue? Did he pay real money for it?), there is so much other greatness around him in this photo.   Here is a list of my other favorite things in this photo (in no particular order): 1. The couple to the left of Josh, who got their tickets through the first ever KSR dating game, appear to not be headed for a second date. 2. Blanche from The Golden Girls (bottom left in the pink) was apparently a celebrity fan before being a celebrity fan was cool. 3. Josh's look is extremely 80's, but not quite as 80's as the kid four people to his left who is sporting the sweater/turtleneck combo.  No wonder that kid isn't standing up. He has to be burning up. Unless it's a dickie. 4. The suited gentleman in the center of the photo appears to be caught doing The Wobble. 5. The ginger with the mullet in the band (top right) kind of looks like Budnick from "Salute Your Shorts." Bet you hadn't thought about that show lately. 6. The mustache belonging to the guy with Blanche.   This picture is filled with greatness. I'm sure I've missed some. Share your favorite parts in the comments. And share your own aUKward Fan Photos with me @AFlenerKSR on twitter and [email protected] through email. Include a little bit about yourself and the photo you send. I'm still not receiving a ton of these so it's a great chance to get made fun of on KSR. A feat which we should all strive to achieve.    

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