aUKward Fan Photos Volume 2: Chapter 1

Aaron Flenerover 8 years


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awkward You thought today was going to be a normal day on KSR: You get your breaking news, you get the radio show podcast, and you get to celebrate the commitment of a great recruit. All in a days work here. "Well, that was a TOTALLY normal day on KSR," you probably said out loud to yourself when no one was around. Well, you weren't completely wrong. You got those things. But, you weren't completely right.  In the spirit of breaking the normality of the day, I'm bringing back aUKward Fan Photos, the post beloved by very few and hated by many.   Because I love no one more than myself, I have a photo of my brother and I tonight so we can get the ball rolling again on this post. If you like old photos and awkward photos, you're going to love this aUKward Fan Photo.   I write: "Self, this is a picture of you and your brother Luke from your all's childhood. You are the taller one. He is the one with white hair and the tight flat bill. He is also making a face that suggests 'Yeah I'm farting. So what?' Self, Both of you are wearing a full gray sweat suit, top and bottom, under a knock off polyester Kentucky uniform. You think no one is cooler than you. Considering World Wide Wes, Fred Couples, and Denzel Washington were alive when this picture was taken, this is not true. There were people cooler than you. But you didn't know any better. You also didn't know you shouldn't tuck your sweatpants into your shoes. But, whatever. You were gettin' it in before people who get it in started gettin' it in. You did your thing. One last thing, self. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PHOTO? Was this a part of a sheet of pictures and someone missed "scissors day" in elementary school? Why is that part of the picture something completely different? God bless photography in the late 80's.   Aaron Flener"   Me&Luke   I hope you've enjoyed your day here at Kentucky Sports Radio dot com. I'd love to feature you in a chapter of aUKward Fan Photos. If not, I can keep writing letters to myself about pictures of me. It's your call. If you desire to be featured, send me your picture at [email protected] or tweet it to me @AFlenerKSR along with a description of who it is and what is happening.   Hope everyone has a great weekend. Cheers!   @AFlenerKSR

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